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Trust your own instincts: Try to identify the cause of your feelings, fears, doubts, anxieties or suspicions.

Avoid all contact with your stalker; use different entrances to your home and place of work or school, obtain a call display service.

Resist the urge to have just one more conversation with your stalker to make him stay away – this will only encourage him/her.

Tell people about what is happening with you and the danger you feel

Make the importance of keeping your personal information private clear to others.

Most frequently, a stalker is pursing a woman with whom he has had an intimate relationship. This is the case 57% of the time, with 80% of the victims being women and 88% of the stalkers being men.

Less frequently, someone will stalk another person to who they have developed an attraction, but with who they have had no intimate relationship, past or present. This could be a man becoming obsessed with a co-worker or a clerk or a waitress he sees frequently.

The least common form of stalking is “Celebrity Stalking” which has been made famous by some high profile cases of movie stars or actresses being stalked.

Record the stalkers actions:

To help identify patterns, to show the police or a counselor. When recording your stalkers actions you should; name the stalker and give a physical description.  If your stalker is charged with criminal harassment the information you record can be used against them as evidence.

Keep an on-going record:

Any incidents of contact with the stalker, (phone calls, letters, visits, emails, messages through other people. Keep a record of incidents of harassment or threats and/or any incidents of harassment or threats to family friends or pets.  Include the date and time of the incident and if you saw what the stalker was wearing.

Always be prepared:

Carry keys, I.D. cash/credit cards, prescriptions, the lease/deed to your home, marriage/divorce papers, restraining order, court documents from previous assaults, custody papers

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Police can assess the danger a stalker poses and refer you to a victim assistance program or women’s organization for additional advice and support.

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