Leaving Home

Leaving Home

If you are thinking about leaving an abusive relationship, there are some things you should do that will help you in the process of leaving:

  • Make a safety plan
  • Make an escape plan
  • Seek interim custody of your children
  • Assess your safety and that of your children
  • Contact a shelter for a place to stay
  • Seek a support system from family, friends, advocates and community

Safety Plan

If you are a woman experiencing violence you should have a safety plan for getting out of the house. There are some important documents that you need to have with you. Copy and collect all important documents and place them in a safe place.

When leaving an abusive situation you should also make sure you take personal items such as:


  • Driver’s license/Registration
  • O.H.I.P Health Care and Social Insurance Cards
  • Personal identification (including picture ID)
  • Birth certificate

Financials and documents:

  • Credit cards and bank card
  • Personal cheque book
  • Last banking statement
  • Mortgage papers
  • Custody order

Personal Items:

  • Prescribed medication
  • Immunization card for the children
  • Personal hygiene products
  • Glasses/contact lenses
  • Money (if possible)
  • Clothing including nightwear, underwear
  • Heirlooms, jewellery
  • Photo albums (pictures that you want to keep)

For your children, you should also try to bring with you:

  • Soother/ bottles
  • Special blanket and/or toy
  • Clothing (night wear, underwear)
  • Medication

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