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Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuse is when someone is hurting another person’s feelings by saying mean things and name-calling. This is also called verbal abuse.

Examples of emotional/verbal abuse are: Cussing, swearing and cursing at another, verbal put-downs, shaming and ridiculing, saying things you know will hurt feelings, calling someone fat, good for nothing, dumb, stupid or not worth having around.

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Psychological Abuse

Psychological abuse is when someone threatens to do harm to you or someone you know. This could be a partner (or another adult), to a child, to family and friends, to pets, or to themselves (suicide). Psychological abuse involves not only hurt and anger, but also fear.

Examples of psychological abuse are: Acting like you will punch, hit, kick, slap, use objects or weapons, hurt another adult, a child or pets, throw things, make others do things they don’t want to do, or anything else to hurt them, punching walls, slamming doors, breaking things, hiding or stealing things.

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Sexual Abuse

Good touches are when someone you like or love gives you a hug or pats you on the shoulder, or gives you a kiss on the cheek (unless you do not want this).

bad touch is when someone touches your private parts, the parts of your body that your bathing suit covers. If you think you have had a bad touch often your body will help you to know this.

Your body may feel ‘funny’ in your tummy, or you may feel awkward or scared.

It is okay and best to tell a trusted adult if this is happening to you. Don’t keep this a secret. An adult may tell you it is a secret but just like a good touch and a bad touch, there are good secrets and bad secrets.

An example of a good secret is when a friend asks you not to tell about a surprise, or when you share something funny with a brother or sister.

A bad secret is a secret that someone asks you to keep even though it feels wrong like if someone touches you and tells you not to tell anyone.

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